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July 10, 2011


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Hello John - I hope you might read this in time for a quick response (e.g. before Sunday). I'm looking for a nice place to take friends to for dinner on Sunday; we've got a table at le Reminet as a backup, but I'm curious about C'est Mon Plaisir. I can't find any trace of a website - I believe it's related to a group of three "Provencal-esque" restaurants down in the 14th/15th, but your dishes don't sound at all Provencal. Since you weren't doing a prix fixe, would the prices be about the same for dinner as for lunch? A better choice than le Reminet, do you think?

John Talbott

Well I really like Le Reminet and I liked C'est Mon Plaisir too; most French places don't have websites; and yes it is an offshoot of the resto by the same name on the Left Bank. Toinard gives the menus as from 28-40 E.. The King of Sunday nights as my pal J. always reminds me, is Gagnaire but it's too much food for me.


Whoops, looks like my original reply didn't post - so: thanks very much for taking the time to reply, John. I've been increasingly surprised by the number of French places that do have websites these days (though I harbour an irrational prejudice against them, figuring it's a sign they've Gone Corporate. Or Gone Tourist.).

Are you sure you don't want to put me out of my misery by rendering a judgement of Paris, so to speak, and telling me which one to try? Should I simply flip a coin?

I am a latecomer to your site, but am looking forward eagerly to working my own way through your top choices.

John Talbott

Oh I hate these choices but love deadlines. OK, I'd try the Plaisir in the 4th.

Lemme know if I was correct.

Also have you gone to our blogger-collective web-site Paris by Mouth? Far greater minds and palates than mine have opined on Sunday dinner.


I have indeed visited PbM, but I find myself a bit frustrated by the strictly chronological ordering of search results; my current list of "to tries" is culled from your site, PbM, Chowhound, eGullet and friends.

I will be delighted to try Plaisir, and will report back. Last question, just to be on the safe side: would you say the price points are about the same at both places (trying to respect my friends' wallets)? I haven't been to le Reminet since well before it went downhill and came back up - so my memories are nothing to go on. If we can get out for around 60 eur pp not including wine, I'll be happy.

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