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October 23, 2012


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I believe one needs a monthly Navigo in order to go beyond zones 1+2 le weekend.

John Talbott

Well, then, I guess I might be liable to "theft of service" charges. It worked for me.


1. Many tourists who ask for recommendations near their hotel actually do not know where their hotel actually is. There are many hotels with names like Blablabla Etoile or Blablabla Champs Elysées, that are actually several metro stops away from Etoile or the dreadful Champs, in the 17th. Ditto hotels named Blablabla Tour Eiffel, Blablabla Montparnasse, Blablabla Opéra, Blablabla Republique. Often posters ask for a hotel within walking distance, then 30 replies later realized it was the wrong location and total waste of everyone's time.
2. I do defend visitors who like to walk home after a meal. Especially in Paris, walking home is a lovely extension of the enjoyment of the soirée. Plus, who wants to get into a smelly metro after having a good meal. Therefore, after dinner, walk or taxi.


Navigo is great because it allows hopping on and off at whim so walk some and ride some. Also I highly recommend the bus. It is a great way to take public transport and still see the city. If you are coming to Paris, live and explore a little.

Margaret Pilgrim

One can buy a Navigo for any denomination of zones from 1-2 through 1-5, or for travel between outer zones only.

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