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October 26, 2012


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Jim Hutchinson

Wow,that sounds exorbitant for ½ bottle of wine that you can buy for about $15 for a WHOLE bottle with nothing more than a croque monsieur and rillettes with a café creme dessert!

John Talbott

Jeez, Jim, you and Mangeur/Margaret Pilgrim are all upset about 24 E for a bottle of wine and 12 E for half; that seemed incredibly reasonable to me; did I write something nutty? 54.90 E a person in the 8th for the 4th best restaurant since the rentree and 9th best restaurant of the year 2012? I know rillettes and a Croque and creme cafe sound like stuff you can get on the corner but like Bocuse's tomato, unless you try it/them, well, the Jury rests.

Jim Hutchinson

You just about have me convinced, but it will be hard for me to order something as mundane as a croque monsieur in a good restaurant with other choices, I will probably choose the scallops like Sue!

John Talbott

Hey it astonished me; I don't think I've had one since I was 18.

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