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January 08, 2013


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Hi John,
Just had to comment on this review of Les Saisons, and tell you about our attempt to eat here using The Fork. Of course, I am jealous you are eating there and I am not. My husband and I were in Paris over the holidays this year, and as I do follow your wonderful reviews, I booked this place for dinner on December 25, via their website. I was delighted they were open, as many bistros close on Christmas. Their online booking site is The Fork, and I received a reservation confirmation number for a table for two at 7:30 pm on the 25th, along with the advice not to call the restaurant as our table was confirmed. As this was the first time using The Fork, I followed their advice. On Christmas morning I was about to call and reconfirm, as I always do for reservations made ahead, when an email came through from The Fork, reminding me of the reservation again, and not to be late, and please do not call. When we arrived at Les Saisons, the place was dark, with a notice on the door that they were closed for holidays. After a 20 euro return taxi back to our hotel, we then had to scramble to find an alternative. I called The Fork to complain, and they blamed the restaurant for not closing off days with them. The next day I received another email from The Fork asking how our dinner was at Les Saisons, and if I would like to review it! Suffice to say that I will not be using The Fork to reserve tables, but I will continue to use the telephone to make reservations, and then follow up the morning of, as usual.

Love your reviews, and hope you enjoy your new digs.


John Talbott

I feel awful you had such misfortune.
I must admit that I do not trust any of the reservation services in France nor restos own services and always reserve and confirm by telephone especially on holidays. After all that tho' I've shown up to be greeted by a "closed for the holiday" sign as well.


Hi John,
I'm hesitating between Les Saisons and Bouclier de Bacchus for dinner with a friend next week. It sounds from your reviews as if Les Saisons has the edge food-wise, but wine is 75% of the thrill for her. Not having been to either yet, I'm wondering if Bouclier might have a more interesting/affordable/extensive wine selection. Any advice?

(We're also going to L'Office for lunch on the same day provided they have a table - if not, it will be Richer!)

John Talbott

How about dropping by Bacchus for an apero then go to Les Saisons for food (the food is indeed better there).

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