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May 31, 2013


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Hi John,
Generally I find your reviews useful and I have discovered a few wonderful restaurants through your blog.And once in a while I strongly disagree with you.However as far as ES goes I find your criticism almost ridiculous.Your main criticisim was lacked soul.This really is meaningless.First time I have heard it is bad to be too perfect.I do agree with you that the wines are overpriced.And the coffee too is overpriced.But these are minor criticsms when you consider the great high quality food being served.For example,the turbot we had was the best turbot we ever had.
More importantly we have eaten there twice ,love the perfection ,love the quality of ingredients and love the price of 45 euro for lunch.A few days earlier we had lunch at a 3 Michelin restaurants,paid more than twice the price and had thought the meal was not as good as ES although it was very good.

John Talbott

Dear Allan,
I'm sorry my review did not match your experiences. My reviews reflect my feelings about a meal (in this case supported by two long-time Paris-dwellers).
I don't say I'm infallible, just honest to myself.

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