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November 06, 2015


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Lhr foodie

In about two weeks have a reservation for the original AG. We are located nearer to the new address. While travelling to the left bank is not a problem would any advice about whether to keep the original booking or shift to the new address should that be possible.

John Talbott

I'd stick with the original for the present unless you read on CH FR that #2 is now up to the old original. Who knows; Geaan in a genius and may get everything up in 2 weeks.

Lhr foodie

Thanks, appreciate the feedback. More or less what I thought.

On a different note, curious about The Secret Kitchen in Stockbridge MA. You wrote about it last summer. Have spent a lot of time in that area in summers past but can't recall this restaurant. Can you share the coordinates? There's a new restaurant in Pittsfield in Horel on North that's worth a try.

John Talbott

Secret Kitchens are just that, not open to the public - on family & friends.

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