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September 26, 2008


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We had dinner at Guilo Guilo and we where totally disappointed. I think that the chef Eiichi Edakuni is just trying to pretend to be what is not, a “good Japanese chef”. Amuse bouches where too salty and shrimp sushi with marinated vegetables where not fresh. The tempura with two sauces was not even average taste for this kind of restaurant. We just wasted our money. The Chef cook should go back to Japan and learn about the art of real Japanese cuisine


Interesting that even though I ranked Guilo Guilo higher (6) than Enishi (4.6), I'd go back to the latter over the former for Japanese in the 18th.


Hi - I live in Pari and I've been to Guilo Guilo several times and I can assure you that this chef is amazing. I can also tell you that I am a big food connaisseur, have lived 20 years in Asia (being half chinese half french) - so I really appreciate and recognize good Asian food. You might appreciate French food - but in my opinion, your Asian 'palate' is not developed enough. So please criticize something you know better.

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