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July 05, 2009


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Christopher Haatuft

We went a week ago and ordered an app and a main, followed by an app and a main. Two bottles of €14 sauvignon blanc, it was one of the best times/meals I've had in a while. As always, you are spot on with the recommondations. Since you showed us Lao Lane Xang 2 last year, we've been back so many times they bring us Ricard automatically at the end of the meal.

John Talbott

Great Christopher; hope the job is going well too. See you somewhere, sometime.

Christopher Haatuft

Job is nice, but going out eating is better. Went to Le122 last night and had a great time. The owners were hovering over us all night, but in a nice way. They put a lot of effort in making us enjoy the meal. And those trotters!

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