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September 29, 2009


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John Whiting

Yesterday we had the misfortune to arrive at the Gare de Lyon at 3 p.m. with three hours to get to the Gare du Nord. No Cartouche Cafe, no Duc du Richelieu -- even Le Train Bleu was closed. Nothing for it but yet another meal at Terminus Nord: good choucroute, with as good sauerkraut as I've had; first rate magret du canard; but some place new would have been welcome. So Cartouche must remain at the top of our "to visit" list.

john talbott

Too bad.
I do like Entre Les Vignes though, across the Street from the Gare de Lyon.

John Whiting

Damn! Forgot about it completely and we didn't have any Paris guides with us.

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