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December 02, 2009


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I had a lovely meal at Claude Colliot last night, save for a small problem that developed into a bit of a comedy of errors. After three truly outstanding dishes, I was served a volaille that was raw in the middle (along the surface where it had been butterflied) and had to send it back. This they did without fuss, and the dish was returned to me properly cooked (well, to be honest it was very slightly overdone at this point, but not enough to complain about), but it had been re-plated and somehow the sides had been left off. Again no fuss, a new and generous portion of the carrots were brought within two minutes. Finally when the bill came the volaille had not been removed; I asked politely whether they would insist that I pay for it, and they said oh, indeed not, and took 10 euros off the (prix fixe) bill. I appreciated the lack of fuss, and every time I spoke up it was handled thoroughly professionally, but I do think I had to stick up for myself a little more than I should have. (The re-delivery of the plate devoid of sides seems like the most surprising error to me.)

I would enthusiastically second your recommendation of the place. Everything else was fantastic, and clearly it was bad luck on what happened to my second main course.

John Talbott

Yah, but a master such a CC shouldn't let that go out of the kitchen; I know some think he's pushing the adventuresome envelope too far but too much is too much.


My friend and I sat at the table next to dls's the night of the volaille incident (by the way, saying poultry instead of chicken sounds ludicrous, not educated). We were horrified that someone that petty-minded and stingy would even be allowed in a restaurant. That attitude is antithetical to that of someone who really appreciates food. Sad to say, but only an American could do that.

John Talbott

It is certainly a small world.


Small world indeed! A fine restaurant has many different gestures it can make, to make up for a serious blunder; CC did not attempt any of them. At a restaurant with CC's aspirations, this should be greeted with a raised eyebrow -- they cannot improve if they are not aware that they have slipped (and evidently they were not aware). A few euros are of course hardly the point; the point is that I should not have had to say anything at all. It's a shame that it apparently affected K's meal too.

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