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January 27, 2010


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My God, that place used to be the old Pizza Saint Marc, probably the worst restaurant I ever went to in Paris. Ugh. Cockroaches, food poisoning. How funny- have to go check it out!

John Talbott

Sometimes, just sometimes, the curse comes off a place.

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Okay, tell me you are selling those pink plates. To me please. They are so lovely. I have never seen them before. What a great find! I've never seen a napkin holder like that. How awesomely cute! By the way, I just posted the photos today of the shop's opening. Yes Hard work, but so much fun.


how does one make an online reservation at this restaurant? thanks for your help!


You can't make an online reservation, and it's hard to get through on the phone. The trick seems to be to call just before lunch (don't forget the time difference) - I got a reservation for next week, but that may be because they had a single seat at the bar. Worth a try, though

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