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March 30, 2010


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Greetings John...

As always a consistently good review.. quick logistical question. In the above details...(2-dish lunch menu at 15.90, 3-dish dinner 35, plat du jour 13.50 E) can I assume that this lunch menu is also there in (weekend) Sat and Sun afternoon.(for that matter in all your other reviews unless specified otherwise)

The reason I ask is early during my stay in Paris, I had been to Cafe des Musees with the expectation of enjoying their menu lunch. I was however told that because it was the weekend they did not offer the menu. So while I definitely enjoyed my lunch there, going forward, I made all my lunch visits to places like Frenchie, Cinoches etc only on weekdays to play safe.

However it is taking a toll on managing my work and so wanted to make sure whether I was operating under the correct assumptions or not.

Thanks again for your great reviews...


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