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April 26, 2010


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Chicsetera Paris

How funny! I just walked past this place last week and thought how I must try it.

Thanks for the post! :-)


Have always loved the turbot and could take the beurre blank intravenously but was warned off by a friend in Paris who said reviews were bad since change in ownership. Next week is last in Paris for a while. What say you--should we risk it?

John Talbott

Well, on my rating scale, it scored a 5.2 or just above average; put in perspective though, it is #15 on my list of places that have opened since January 1st (Regalade, Concert de Cuisine, P'tit Caillou, l'Agrume coming out on top). On the other hand, it's like a lot of places that if you loved before you'll still love.

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