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May 11, 2010


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Willy Dalton

I'm coming to Paris in November--arriving Fri 11/27, departing Tues 11/30. Just realized most restaurants are closed on Sun & Mon. I've been coming almost every year since I first gigged with the Cuban percussionist, Daniel Ponce, at Les Halles in 1989. I'm staying in the 11th this time. I will try Le Repaire de Cartouche or Bistro Paul Bert (been there) for Saturday and I will go to Le Baron Rouge and the food market on Sunday but can you recommend some other places that may be open Sunday and Monday night. Thanks--Willy

John Talbott

Have you checked my "Summaries Sunday" section on the upper left. There I've listed my favorites for all these days.

Paris Bobo

Loved it, loved it! Thank you for recommending cool places like this.

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