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May 01, 2010


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I have reservations for Friday night...thanks for the confirmation! Will report back...
Dawn in Baltimore (until tomorrow)


Hi John, I am a regular reader of your restaurant reviews on Bonjour Paris and here, and 2-3 years ago we even shared lunch together with your friends at Afaria's table d'hote, when I was there to follow your recommendation. Thank you for your review, I am glad you liked my amuse bouche and the starter. While I am planning to become a "chefesse", for the moment I am "just" the evening chef de partie of l'Aromatik, in charge of starters and dessert for the dinner menu only, for lunch starters and dessert we have a different chef de partie. Our chef, Bertrand, however cooks main courses for lunch and dinner. Hope to have you back soon... Ulla


Dear Ulla and John, I want to thank you for a fabulous evening...we loved L'Aromatik. It was just what I wanted: French food with a twist...beautifully prepared and a real value. So thanks to John for the recommendation and Ulla for the wonderful food (did you make those pineapple raviolis?! Loved them, and the ceviche starter...)
I will be back hopefully in Oct!

John Talbott

Dawn and Ulla; How about a jloint meal in Oct?


Ulla, what do you think? I'd love to meet you and hear about your food.
And John, we'd love to join you...you and my husband would get on like a house afire. (And we're from Baltimore). Will check back.

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