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July 19, 2010


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I was there with a friend near the beginning of January.

We both had steak/frites (under some other name), which were nicely prepared and tender.

At the recommendation of the owner/cook we both also had "le brick", which I couldn't understand for his description (my French is only so-so). It turned out to be a cheese and ground lamb concoction that was fried golden brown. Very tasty - if a bit greasy.

The Cahors was good and reasonable as was the entire dinner.

I think the owner forgot about us because our menu came with a dessert but we had to ask for it.

A little chilly with the door opening and closing on a cold winter night.

Strikes me very much as a neighborhood hangout.

John talbott

Thanks for the update. I agree it's just a neighborhood hangout. Or as I said local mechoui place.

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