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July 24, 2010


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I love your honesty in your reviews. The quenelles look like there's a skin formed on top of it? I'm assuming it tastes better than it looks. Was that 208€ for 1 or 2 people? If that was for 2-people than that price seems reasonable, nest-ce pas?

John Talbott

Thank you Randy, not everyone does (like it that is). It was perfect and it was not so much a skin as a crust. And 208 was for 2; I suppose the call whether it was reasonable or not depends on your idea of my friend Pierre45's price-quality range.


Thanks. It got really mixed reviews--the food! I probably won't go unless someone picks up the tab. Only high priced restos that I would ever strongly recommend is in Calif. the French Laundry (Keller) in Yountville...


John Talbott

Yes, well, I loved it (the FL) when it opened but frankly go elsewhere in Sonoma/Napa now partly because it too gives me too much food at too high a price.

June Jacobs

Some years ago, I asked Patricia Wells her opinion of the then 3-star restaurants in Paris. Her remark about Tour d'Argent has stuck in my memory. She said, "It's too bad you can't go to restaurants in Paris just for a drink, because the view is amazing, and they have the finest wine cellar in the world. But for the prices they charge, the food is just not good enough."

Sounds like that hasn't changed. And it's still too bad.

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