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July 24, 2010


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When I dined there in 1959, we got a postcard with the number of our duck.

More recently, my godson asked me to recommend a romantic place where he could propose to his girlfriend. I called the Tour d'Argent, arranged, ordered and paid for everything in advance: the quenelles, duck, wine etc. The young couple was seated by a window and treated most graciously. It's perfect for such an occasion. (She said yes.)


June, for drinks only, go to le Train Bleu. Beautiful, beautiful building inside decor is amazing, the food, not so beautiful..., I mean good

John Talbott

Regarding June's quote of P. Wells, I think my companion, for whom it was a "first" meal there, it was more impressive in all ways.
For me while there "was no wow, no geewhiz, no razzle-dazzle;" in the food, there was in the setting, view, staff, welcome, elevator, table where Czar Alexandre sat, etc.

John Whiting

" . . . perfect is like kissing your sister"

You didn't know my sister!

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