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August 31, 2010


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I hope you got together with Nancy and David, I have recommended you to them during a few conversations.

Pacharee Sophie

I followed you from your amazing replies at Chow. I figured you will be the best person for me to ask these very important question. Great food- Paris

I am currently living in NYC I will be in paris for 3 days 2 nights

I live for great food.. not good, great.. if you dont mind recommending the best restaurants in Paris for me I will truly appreciate that and I can assure you that if you ever travel to New York, I know the BEST places, guarantee! If you dont mind giving me

1. your top 10 places to eat in Paris by ranking.. places YOU love.

2. Best home cooking meal or say, more casual.. not so much about ambiance..not too pricey but hidden gems
3. Michelin star, 'The' experience for Paris dining. (L'ambroise, Julien, Lasserre, le grand vefour, le jules verne)
4. I live for foie gra.. ideally i would eat foie everyday when Im there lol
5. Sweet tooth i have.. if you can recommend any great place for sweets

your input will be truly appreciated and make Paris top experience for me :)
p.s. No asian restaurants - Im from Asia and that should explain it.

John Talbott

I think if you read my essay of two weeks ago
http://johntalbottsparis.typepad.com/john_talbotts_paris/2010/08/the-perfect-french-________________-fill-in-the-blank.html#tp you'll get my latest thoughts.

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