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September 01, 2010


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John Whiting

In Memoriam Ned Paynter . . . a multi-talented and easy-going genius who made the best of a bum deal

"I don't ask, 'Why me?' Why not me? I don’t feel any grievance. It was nothing personal." http://www.thankyouoneandall.co.uk/letters/ned.htm

In my website of thank-you letters to those who made me into what I was to become, I’ve just finished my tribute to my late great friend Ned Paynter. Ned spent his last fifteen years slowly dying of spinal cancer, to which a lifetime of conscientious jogging might have contributed. As scholar, cartoonist, journalist, photographer, teacher and bon vivant, he kept me perpetually entertained.

I've decided that my major contribution to his memory will be to put his brilliant and eminently readable Ph.D. dissertation, which never found a publisher, on line. I’m half-way through and it's linked to in this tribute.

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