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October 19, 2010


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M. Schiffrin

We had lunch there yesterday thanks to you. The chateaubriand was superb, and the black rice was wonderful, we wouldn't have missed either for the world so thank you. But apart from that we think you are over enthusiastic. Not much choice, portions too small and other dishes not inspired. Barely any boudin noir in that unexciting starter, squid,shrimp and courgette starter OK but the sort of Thai dipping sauce for that quite classic. The four scallops with the black rice also blah. Most of our chips were soft. The bread was nice and crunchy though, and the chef endearing.

John Talbott

Interesting comment, especially since another of my readers commented on how much they liked everything BUT the chateaubriand.
As for the scallops, Colette and I both loved them here.
And finally, I'm not one for big portions, that's my pal J's obsession.

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