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October 29, 2010


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Who's the hottest chef in town ??? Tell us ....

John Talbott

I expect you can find out by reading Figaro 11/12/2008.


well........ i LOVE Racine's way with food. that kitchen seems to have perfected the use of simple techniques to bring out the best in meats and poultry.
so it was with great relish that we reserved dinner for 4 to impress our guests (from Portland OR) at Saturne. first off, the room lets you know that the chef is "movin' on up" and when i saw him inspecting herbs in the open kitchen i knew we were in for a great meal. What a disappointment! the wine was some sort of random organic thing that the sommelier basically intimidated us into taking explaining that it was for 'discriminating palettes' (?) okay, but you had warned about sommeliers in general these days pushing price over appropriateness. But the meal was so uninspired and had imappropriate random flourishes like for instance a wafer thin slice of turnip or white radish (i'm not sure which) that, in the words of one of our Portland friends "It just gets in the way of an otherwise good piece of meat". The desserts were fine but nothing to go back for. I have been reading your posts for a couple of years and find that we have pretty much the same taste in restos so i'll figure that you went on a better day or ordered well. but i wont' be going back to Saturne unless someone else wants to and pays for it.

Carlos Camacho

I had lunch at Saturne in December with friends, 3 of us, and it was fantastic, the food was so fresh and tasty, and the wine, which was the first reason I went there, was a festival of delicious natural wine. We let the sommelier drive and it was the best decision. We tried a Pineau d'Aunis among others that was outstanding, and a few other varietals like a Savagnin that was deliciously paired with the Comte! Everything was perfect. I can't wait to go when I am back in Paris. I'am glad you liked it Mr Talbott.

John Talbott

Indeed, twice, it was only my precious wife who was contrary.

Best wishes, happy eating,

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