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October 08, 2010


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so that's indeed was you! :) we were this Russian couple in front of you. I was too shy to check :)
still, as I wrote before, IMHO entree wasn't on par with truly remarkable meat and desert, as well as wine, which were suggested by young lady, really impressive Vire-Clesse 2004, Dom.de la Bongran (Eur 54.0)

John Talbott

Next time please do.
I'm really not as antisocial as my publicity agent implies - and my friends, of whom, one, the Real Food Critic, was with me, are chat-'em-ups.
Since you've read my comments, you know he, the RFC, and I disagree with you on the fish entrees; while I try not to be trendy, I guess I really do like both great raw and deeply but gently fried things from the sea.
Walk in Peace,

John Whiting

John, I've added the following to my own write-up:

October 2010 Spring has reopened in a new location (address given below). This is a review of its previous incarnation, but the infallible John Talbott assures me that, if possible, it’s better than ever. In fact, his latest review [linked] puts it at the top of his list of personal favorites.

John Talbott

Thanks John, for those out of the wind, John writes Whiting's Writings and is #1 on Paris Bistros.

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