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October 28, 2010


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We just came from Paris and we love French food in there, but this was very different. My husband caught "street food" situation at Creperie Tuileries Garden and Concord
by the way we do not speak French


Hi John,

Are reservations needed for lunch at Spring? My wife and I are going next week (yikes) and wish to dine there, Frenchie and Le Comptoir. I haven't been able to get dinner reservations at any of those places but if lunch is open then maybe i have a chance. :)

John Talbott

Spring in the PM is booked to eternity and at lunch for 2-3 months....but, but, but he has three seats at the counter which if you arrive soon after noon, you can perhaps snare.


Thanks John!

I got the reservations at Spring for lunch next Friday!! Totally excited. Still working on Frenchie for lunch and a restaurant for Sunday evening. Gluttony!!


By the way, are those counter seats available at night as well? hmmmm...

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