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December 29, 2010


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michael gorra

We've liked it too--the steak is fabulous, and have you had those little croustillants of boudin noir, like spring rolls with flavor? It's just a couple of corners away from my office, so I really should try it for lunch as well.

On another note--pleased to see how much you enjoy Le Restaurant, one of my regular spots. And one where I usually seem to be the only Anglophone...which probably isn't something to mention in public.

Eileen Pool

Three of us went to Moustache a couple of weeks ago; what a wonderful evening! I had the terrine of beef cheek (delicious) and absolutely perfect roasted chicken, with frites and wok-fried vegs to share. My husband had the shrimp salad and the flawless scallops with black rice. I went with the mango sabayon for dessert, and my husband ordered what was essentially a dark Valrhona chocolate pate with whiskey sauce to be shared with his friend. It was so good that after one bite no one wanted to share, and they ordered another.

We loved everything about the place, including the eclectic music selections. The chef told us that weekday evenings are much less busy than weekends,and he'd love to have more business early in the week. I can't wait to go back on my next trip to Paris. Thank you for all the helpful information!

John Talbott

How wonderful to get such great feedback. We too love the place but so much is going on now I'm not sure when we'll get back.


Thank you John Talbott for a relaxing Sunday afternoon reading your reviews and having a great cup of coffee here in Austin Texas while planning a Christmas trip to Paris.

We'll be staying at Au Manoir St. Germain des Pres, the hotel adjacent to Brasserie Lipp. We'll definitely check out several of your reqs.


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