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January 23, 2011


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David Berger

Mr Talbott: Three of you top choices, Le Cameleon,Astier and Jadis need to be re-visited. We went to Jadis the other night and found that the prices jumped, with only 2 entrees and 2 plats, all the rest a la carte. Just not warranted to spend 50 euro / person plus wine. Le Cameloeon is also way to expensive , and I think Jadis is overrated. I am a trained chef, and have been traveling to Paris for 28 yrs, now here for 2 months a year, so I think I can be objective.
Avant Gout has slipped, and we have taken it off our list. Carte Blanche is the value, and the food, and the presentation of what a great restaurant should be. At 35 euros with 33 courses, it has moved up on our list to the top 10 for us in Paris.

John Talbott

Thank you for the update.
It's been a long time since I've been to Le Cameleon, l'Avant Gout and Jadis but we ate at Astier just a few weeks ago (because Jeanne A. was closed due to an electrical problem) and it was just fine. We also felt that Carte Blanche a few weeks ago was just average.

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