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January 08, 2011


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Omid Tavallai

The potato batons you speak of are "churros de pomme de terre," per their ardoise that day.


Tico, L'Hédoniste, I am happy to read that we share some similar taste, John ;)

John Talbott

Omid: Somehow my comment got lost: yes indeed, but churros are often translated as Spanish doughnuts and these were more cruller-shaped, at least in the US.

Chrisos: Dlighted to follow your leads.

Omid Tavallai

I dunno, man... Not to nitpick too much, but they're fairly distinct entities. :)

Churro images: http://bit.ly/gdarkA
Kruller images: http://bit.ly/hTvG5l

John Talbott

Oh contraire

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