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February 23, 2011


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Marc Cosnard des Closets

I have been eating at the Grand Mericourt twice a week since it opened in January 2009 (not last summer) and only the chef is an ex-Plaza Athenee, the front of the house is a Ze Kitchen Galerie alumnus. Not sure what you mean by taking your life in your hands with lamb chops and polenta in this country??? In all your dining you've never had a good lamp chop in France, or a good polenta?
As you may or may not know there is a 35 hour work week in France and restaurants do not stay open with full staff unless they have diners. Good restaurants like LGM won't stoop to serving just anything to make a buck hence the abridged menu featuring only what the chef was willing to serve at that late hour.

I hope you'll try again and maybe blame the SNCF and some enfants mal élévés for your distress.

Nikki Field

I am really surprised to read your negative post about Le Grand Mericourt. I have been a regular customer since their opening in 2008 and have found the food to be always inventive, delicious and amazing value. I have recommended this restaurant to friends and colleagues both local and from abroad, many of whom are hardcore foodies, and have heard nothing but excellent feedback. Unlike many Parisian restaurants, the service too has always been welcoming, which is proven by the fact that you were given a table at 14.15 when the kitchen closes at 14h. I would strongly suggest you give it another try, perhaps arriving in enough time to really enjoy the full menu.

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