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April 27, 2011


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I appreciate this post as I face many of the same issues. I can't hide anything as I use my own name; I take photos and notes. I usually only go to a restaurant once, particularly if I have negative feelings. That's why I call my blogposts "reports" rather than "reviews." Anyway, accepting unasked for special attention isn't corruption if it doesn't afect our writing. Only we know that.

John Talbott

Thanks Michael;
Despite my wish to be anonymous (even when reserving in my deceased brother's name) the photos and notes do prompt some chefs to ask outright if I'm reviewing. When I was just posting on big websites I too called things reports but with my blog decided on others' advice to switch to reviews.

Margaret Pilgrim

Maybe, John, you could shave... Or remove your picture from your blog. But of course, it is already posted on the inside of the kitchen door of every hot or would-be-hot resto.

Fame has its cost. As they say, tough job but somebody has to do it.

John Talbott

Well, you know I blurred the photo during my stint at Time Out Paris. The beard is non-negotiable though.

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