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May 06, 2011


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I think that if we have an averagely positive experience in a new place, our memory enhances it and turns it into very positive instead of just positive. It's the novelty factor. -- Dunno if this factors falls into one of your 4 categories. Or maybe we should listen to Proust better and accept that memory is just unreliable.
We once found a great wine in the middle of nowhere in an auberge in Burgundy. Later after ordering a case of it and tasting it at home in Paris, we found it to be good but not superlative like that dark and stormy night in Burgundy. Why?
Bruno Verjus explained that it was like the shirts he keeps buying in Bali. At the moment he thought it was the most beautiful shirt on earth. When he unpacked in Paris and saw the shirt again in the harsh Paris light, he said to himself: what was I thinking?

John Talbott

Gerald Asher, the wine guy, told me about working at Sherry-Lehman Christmas week (his first introduction to US customers) and a woman of a certain age came in and showed him the label from a bottle of wine she had shared with a handsome young man, over dinner, as the sun set in Capri; he said something like "Of course I can get you the wine but not the man, sunset or Capri."

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