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December 31, 2011


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Hi John,
190FF is almost equal to 29EUROS (1Euro=6.55957FF)!
the Mille feuilles does not look like it has 1000 layers! no crust in the center?

John Talbott

You are correct; I just consulted P. Well's book and found that the wines then were 99 not 190 FF, thus closer to 18 E but still a bargain.
As for the crusts, they were there, albeit smothered in fluff.


What's the Muscadet that they serve there? I dined at this restaurant back in November and wish I'd noted the name of it. Great place and very fresh produce.

John Talbott

Sorry I don't know; I'll be walking near there today so if I do I'll look.

John Talbott

I was eating around the corner so I looked at the wine list in the window and didn't see a Muscadet, entered, asked to see the current one, same. No Muscadet apparently.

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