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January 10, 2012


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Zhao WU

Hey, John, thanks for sharing your selection, I visited sola after reading your reviews, it is now one of my "coups de coeur".

As for the gastronomy addresses mentioned above (ambroisie, guy savoy, epicure,etc....), I think they serve good food as well, but service and ambience certainly explain the price differences. Although I consider that the service in those restaurants quite worth the price, apparently I won't pay that much money only for services everyday. Thus, for me, bistro or casual place that serve delicious food as well as the gastronomy dinning experiences, depends on my mood and occasion.

Zhao WU

Additionally,prompted by my constant passion for food, I begin my blog from November. As a loyal reader of your blog, I would more than willingly to share with you my experiences and opinions, and I would appreciate if you can give me some advices on writing and some ideas about next dining adventure:)


S Lloyd

Paris is gifted, so gifted that Parisians can afford being picky. To me L'Ambroisie is the best (but based on just 1 visit...), L'Arpege the 2nd best (based on 3 visits). Bristol (2 visits), Ledoyen (1 visit), Pre catalan (3 visits) and Le Meurice (3 visits) would be at the end of my list of Paris very top...and yet, those would be stunning compared to many highly regarded restaurants around the world. Just goes to confirm how pampered Parisians are.

Barbara Moss

I understand that there are2 and three star restaurants that have somewhat(and I use that term loosely) less expensive lunches. I looked on the Bristol and Le Meuice website but did not see anything.Any suggestions?

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