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February 25, 2012


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Bud Carlos

A bottle of Burgundy? Red? White? Rose? Bubbly?
Maconnais? Cote Chalonnais? Cote de Nuits? Cote
de Beaune? Beaujolais? Chablis . . . ?
Lousy? Poor? Decent? Good? Great? Outsta. ..
The wine deserves more, John, as do we your faithful readers.

John Talbott

I'm not a wine guy, I'm a "blissfully ignorant about wine guy." In fact, like dsk's lawyer's challenge, I challenge you to find a reference to the specifics of any wine I've ever mentioned. As I wrote in a prior essay, to me it's an alcohol delivery vehicle. When you say "The wine deserves more" I'm afraid you're confusing me with my cousin Robb who is a wine guy and a good one. The wine was red and OK and ordered by my companion who also is not a wine guy and I doubt any of the three of us will ever go back for it or the food anyway.

Bud Carlos

And here I thought your essay was tongue in cheek.
If you're like me (and I expect we're about the same age) you want less alcohol in your wine. As an alcohol-delivery vehicle, I'd prefer 12 to 14.5, which is where so many wines are these days. For alcohol I'll take a martini (gin). Forgive me, John, but I'm going to make you a wine guy with one simple test: if you tire of the wine by the second glass, it's a bad one. If you want a third, it's good. Ask Robb.

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