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April 26, 2012


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Alec Lobrano

Thoroughly agree, John. Went the other night, and my verdict soon. Best, Alec

Margaret Pilgrim

I'm not so fast to condemn.

Although not a fan of tartares, I found the veal tartare fresh tasting and well seasoned, a huge portion that I somehow surrounded.

I requested the pigeon very, very rosy and it was served precisely that way: lovely bloody pigeon with a fine polenta to soak up the jus.

Our major quibble was the noise level, exacerbated by a foursome of Americans who overwhelmed the room. In fact, we left without dessert because we could no longer hold a conversation.

My one hope would be for the chef to add the spice of risk to his well sourced and prepared plates.


I very much liked Youpi et Volia but am not surprised by dissenting opinions. I had the four course “blind tasting menu” for 36 euros at dinner and we liked certain courses better than others. The dessert--a black radish rice pudding”--was not what I would call delicious but it was interesting. I loved my main dish which was seared veal with polenta.

Patrice Gelbart, the chef, is someone who goes out of his way to source local products from small producers, most of which are organic, and that goes a long way for me. Intent is important so I am very forgiving if I don’t like a dish as long as I know the chef is trying to convey something. So, I’m happy to try black radish for dessert even though it doesn’t really fit the notion of dessert and might be a bit odd. The service at Youpie et Voila was very generous as well. I like what they stand for and what they are trying to do so I would gladly go back. Plus, as you said, these prices are not going to break the bank and he really does use exceptional products. Here’s my take for a second opinion: http://myparisnotebook.com/2012/03/12/youpi-et-voila-patrice-gelbarts-modern-bistro-in-the-10th/#more-1818

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