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May 23, 2012


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Margaret Pilgrim

I felt deja vu as I read your article, John, since your gentle reader's relationship is very similar to my own: my husband reads a menu and either chooses the "most likely to be unsuccessful" or the safest order, neither the best order.

Even in restaurants that do not promote a particular specialty, a menu may reflect the chef's interests or passion. This may be as simple as market driven, but may also exhibit an interest in braises or offal or a particular culture. Trying to seize on these pet dishes is one way to ace the carte.

Your reader, and you, also point out the need to take leaps of faith, push boundaries, order the unusual in order to find those "nuggets of joy". In our case, my husband usually refuses to order "spare parts" meat, often the most interesting stuff on a menu.

Put another way, what do you have to lose? It's just dinner (or lunch).

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