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May 03, 2012


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The Dôme du Marais was excellent until early 2011.
It was run by an experienced chef, the former owner of a Michelin one-star restaurant in Nantes, I believe. Excellent value, creative dishes, interesting textures and flavours, fresh seasonal ingredients, a dedicated and professional team. The daily drudgery of buying fresh from Rungis at five AM, the closing late at night every night after cooking a fairly extensive and complex range of dishes, must have been too much. The Café des Musées is still owned and run by the same chef; it is very good, but does not go for the same market.
The new people (my wife and I last dined there in March 2011) probably came from the world of Ready-To-Wear: slick, going for “fashion”, “buzz”, whatever…The idea that cooking for, and running, a proper restaurant are respectable, lifelong, crafts (“métiers”) are obviously foreign to them. The members of the old crew seemed ashamed at what the old place had become (loud pop music!) . They have now thankfully found greener pastures.
We are waiting for these new owners to give up, in the hope that some dedicated, conscientious, chef/restaurateurs will revive something worthy of or resembling the old Dôme.

John Talbott

Parigot: Well, that explains a lot; I do enjoy the Cafe des Musees as well.

Dr Bernard Colantoni

Having read the previous comments,things have changed AGAIN.we received a very warm welcome.The amuse-bouche was delicious ,our entrees came quite soon after our orders were taken and were outstanding,both in taste and presentation .All three of us had sea-food main courses and were delighted with the Lotte,St Pierre and Raviolli de Hommard..once again,excellent presentation and respect for the produce.Reasonably priced for such an outstanding experience .we'll be returning to try their other dishes..my wife is a fine cook ..it takes a lot to impress her.

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