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August 28, 2012


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T. Tilash

I'm not really sure about this, but I had a dessert with olive tapenade at "Le Cinq", I thought it was very interesting how the saltiness and earthiness from the olives balanced the acidity and sweetness of the "fraisier with sheep's milk curd ice cream", however I think I read somewhere that a bunch of places are starting to add olives to their desserts, and I'm sure that's a trend that could get old really fast...

Concerning the 62 degree eggs, in the last issue of "Lucky Peach" there is an article by Harold McGee stating he doesn't like them and prefers the firm consistency of the whites when soft boiled the regular way, which is... you know... ironic.

And I wouldn't have commented just to say that, but since I've already mumbled a bunch of nonsense, I thought I'd just add "ditto about the silly little tin buckets" !

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