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September 14, 2012


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Forgive you for the blurs, relieved 'twas not my eyes. Can't wait to go, lunching there tomorrow.

Andy Gottlieb

What time of day do you suggest I call Abri to get through to make a reservation? Haven't had any luck.

We'll be in Paris for the last 10 days of June, and I've been going through the blogs voraciously to find places to go. Yours has been most helpful.

John Talbott

Well I'd try just before service begins, that is noon or 7 PM (Paris time). They are hard to reach and once reached speak with such a strong Japanese accent that you worry if they understood.

Andy Gottlieb

Thanks. I *did* get through just before 19:00 today. They don't of course speak English, and either couldn't, or wouldn't, understand my terrible accent French. And so my ability to test my listening skills - which are far worse than my ability to read or speak - wasn't an issue.

Oh well. I'm going to try to have my fluent-in-French sister make the reservation.

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