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November 10, 2012


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John Talbott

OK, I have moved the discussion of my post from earlier today over here since has generated much discussion as I had intended.
Here are two examples:
James A.Michels does if we misuse work related electronic messaging, I did what he did with hospital email I'd be fired with cause 5 minutes flat!
Christine Humphrey I totally agree on the other taboos, but this is different as there are national security implications and blackmail possibilities with a position of this magnitude.
Then there were likes.

John Talbott

OK, First off, I said this case should generate a discussion, not rescind the decision, of the issue.
Second, the Head of the CIA, or President of the USA, or Governor of a state, or Evangelical Pastor, could theoretically be blackmailed to reveal state secrets (the Profumo/JFK fear) but let's face it, they're functionaries, they know secrets, sure, but before the blackmailers got to the good stuff they'd die of boredom.
Third, why should this case block discussion?

Christine Humphrey


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