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March 28, 2013


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I was there, too. I'm a west coaster, so I'm a definite amature. I was very surprised by how sweet the rolls were. Is that normal? On the other hand, I loved the tarragon dressing and didn't miss the mayo.
Like you I was a big fan of the rillettes. They were fantastic.
Two different sets table partners (French) thought the fries were stupendous. I found them tasty, but without any crisp to them, which is my favorite bit.

John Talbott

"how sweet the rolls were. Is that normal?"
Not at all normal. The roll should not detract from the lobster which this did.
As for the fries, they shouldn't be called French fries because almost no one in France makes good ones. An exception is La Frite Bruxelloise at 101 rue Oberkampf, where they are double-fried reputedly the Belgian way - in horse fat, but eat them fast because once cold they're no longer crisp.


Thank you for confirming my suspicion!

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