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January 03, 2014


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T. Tilash

I agree with you about the Grébaut video. I am however more critical of the rest... contemporary art at its lamest (playful, concemptual...), and a huge gap in my opinion between the art and the cuisine...
The only piece of art I found really captured something that could be described as "gastronomic art" was Rene Redzepi's piece... the rest was merely scratching the surface.

If I wasn't afraid to pass as an opportunist, I would direct you to my blog's article about the exhibition (although it is in French)... But I'm too afraid...

John Talbott

I thought I was hedging my bets by saying "It's supposed to show the relationship between modern cuisine and art" but maybe that was too gentle.
In any case I went to your blog and couldn't find it so you'll have to send me the link. Yhanks.

T. Tilash

For me that was definitely too gentle... but I tend to be very critical of contemporary art, so I'm kind of biased.

Here is the link you asked : http://www.chezfood.com/2013/12/16/cookbook-art-et-gastronomie/

For some reason the comment system on your blog doesn't allow me to post my website as a link to my name, I had to log with Google+ which automatically created a Typepad page, and now that's the page my name links too...

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